Outdoor Home Automation And Security Systems

Home automation is a dynamic concept that includes a wide range of security gadgets and software systems that are constantly getting updated and innovated. The automation systems and security units that are currently sold in the markets make use of latest technology sensors and detectors. In this review, we will be considering some of the important aspects of outdoor automation that can protect your home from intruders.

Garage door security units

For protecting your expensive vehicles from theft and vandalism, you need special security arrangements for your garage door. If you have installed a conventional garage door with a normal lock, then it is about time to replace it with an electric door that can be operated using a remote control or programmable gate opener. Automatic garage gates are equipped with powerful gate motors that control the functionality and speed of the gate. Automatic gates can be easily integrated with advanced security alarms, intercom systems, and keypad access controls.

Driveway gate automation

You might have constructed strong walls to protect your property, but your home is not theft-proof until you have a strong security system for your driveway gate.  For better control and advanced security systems, you need to install an electric gate that opens and closes automatically to allow vehicles and pedestrians as per your security settings and electronic locking system. Gate automation systems are available for all types of gates and shutters. Depending on your requirement you can opt for a sliding gate or a swing gate. Different types of advanced swing gate motors are available for operating single swing gates as well as bi-parting swing gates of various designs and sizes.

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Advantages Of Gate Automation Systems

A gate is an essential part of a home or building premise as it offers security and proper access for entering the property. The design and working of a gate are quite important as it not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the entire property but also offers easy and convenient handling. In this review, we will be considering some of the advantages of modern gate automation systems.

Automated gates are more convenient

Automated gates are of various types and models. Depending on the degree of automation required you can select a sliding gate or a swing gate that suits your requirement. These gates are programmed to open and close automatically to allow vehicles or pedestrians to enter and leave the premises. At places where you need to install heavy or huge gates, automation systems can make it easier for you to operate the gates.

Gate automation systems offer better security

Modern automated gates function with the help of a special motor that triggers the opening and closing of the gate. You can easily integrate this automated system to your theft security systems like wireless intercom, security cameras, and access control units. Even the motor can be secured using an anti-theft gate motor bracket.

Easy maintenance

Gates that are equipped with modern automation systems are not only trendy but also made of premium quality metals, frames, and rustproof coatings. The operating system and mechanisms used are also quite advanced. This reduces the requirement of frequent maintenance and repairs.  When it comes to gate motor repairs Centurion and similar reputed brands offer top quality warranty related services and customer support.

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The Advanced Centurion D10- The Best Sliding Gate Motor Of The Modern Era

The Centurion D10 is an advanced technology sliding gate motor and helps efficiently in gate lock. Every minute detail has been incorporated to make this D10 so that it functions in the most technical manner. The centurion D10 uses a batter – drive high torque 24V DC motor that is completely unique and different from any other in the market. This D10 has every feature that you can ever ask for. If improvements are required you can also contact the company.

The features

If you are looking for a sliding gate motor with high speed the D10 is the best choice you can get. The aluminum gearbox is the biggest asset of this gate motor. The D10 is so equipped that it can easily move a four meter gate in just 10 seconds which is quite incredible. It is also equipped with a 24V battery along with a rapid charger that ensures you can get in and out also in low voltage. There is no chance that your vehicle may get damaged by your gate because the D10 is so well advanced that it helps combat all the obstructions. The sensitivity feature will notify the motor if any tiniest of obstructions come your way gate lock . The intelligent automatic set up is another key feature that makes the motor so demanding and desirable in market.

Attractive and highly advanced gate motor

The sleek design along with the rugged structure of the motor makes it look very attractive. The modern armor has been design keeping with the pace of this generation. The conical shape of the motor looks extremely innovative and it means no more jamming. The motor is facilitated with multiple operating figures that makes it so advanced both technically, as well as in terms of appearance. This motor can also be used wirelessly. This is a special feature added to the technology of this advanced gate motor.

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Safety and Maintenance Tips for the Swing Gate Motors

Many people have unfortunate experience of gate motor theft. Gate motors are expensive, and on top of that without them you cannot operate your swing gate or sliding gate at house. When it comes to sliding or swing gate motors, we generally observe two types of products in the marketplace. One type is installed above the ground, while another type is installed underground. Underground gate motors are definitely safer, and it is not easy to steal them. But, commonly we find orthodox gate motors, which are installed above the ground. So, how to protect your gate motor from getting stolen? Here are some tips for you:

Bolt the Motor into the Ground

The best way of stopping gate motors from being stolen is attaching them with the ground through bolts. Use you make a concrete stand to keep the gate motor. Now, the motor can be fixed over the concrete stand easily with bolts. Some other techniques are also there to affix the motor with the ground. This will definitely prevent the issue of stealing.

Steel Caging for Motor

In order to protect the motor, steel caging can be done around the motor. With high quality stainless steel, this caging has to be done. When the caging has been done, and the motor is placed inside, you need to bolster security with good quality locks on the cage gate.

Gate Motor Maintenance Tips

Not just enhancing security, you need to perform a few maintenance jobs to enhance performance of the gate motors. To keep the motors in top notch working form, it needs regular oiling or grease works. If there is unusual sound from the motor, you should not waste any further time to call a professional and reliable gate motor repair or maintenance service provider. Professional service providers offer excellent repair solutions for both sliding and swing gate motors.

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Centurion D5 Evo: A Boom Barrier Of International Standard

A boom gate is also known as the boom barrier and this is used to block vehicles while accessing into controlled points. The tip or edge of the boom gate rises in an arc vertically. To make the gate easily tipped, these barriers are frequently counterweighted. These have the capability to block traffic when needed from both the ends. Some of the boom barriers also have a third arm that can hang up to 300 – 400 mm just below the upper arm. This is done when the approach visibility is increased. There is D5 Evo that helps in its functions easily.

Advanced quality

Centurion D5 Evo is an international standard boom barrier that has made its position among the top companies of the world. These automatic gates should be installed with the help of suitably qualified people. The gate should not be activated if you cannot see it. Hence you need to determine that its area of travel is devoid of people or and any other specific obstruction.

Important points to remember

You should not allow any child to use or play with this D5 Evo. That can be highly dangerous and risky. Easily – accessed gates should be secured well in order to combat unauthorized usage of this gate. Since this is a domestic and light industrial operator that has been specially designed to open and close sliding gates, hence these should be handled with care, because this might cause damage if not used safely.

The D5 Evo is equipped with a rectifier or regulator with requires a very low – voltage input. The intelligent LCD controller has been added to this for the purpose of easy set up. This D5 Evo is said to be the apex predator of the gate motors used for boom barriers and is the ultimate reliable material for security and convenience. The centurion D5 Evo has set the limit for quality operators of boom barriers.

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Tips for Finding Professional and Experienced Gate Motor Repairing Service

In commercial plants, you shall find automated sliding gates. These gates add security, as they are only operated through remote controller. In domestic places, uses of these gates can be noted these days. Mostly, you shall find that garage gates are attached with motors to perform automatically through a remote controlling system. Though these gates are convenient due to high end security features, you also have to bear the pain of repairing and maintaining these gates or doors. These gates are vulnerable to many damages, and thus repair services may be required frequently. It is imperative to find professional and certified repair service for gate motor bracket. For that, the following tips could prove to be effective.

Finding an Experienced Service Provider

When it comes to gate motor repairing, you need to find a professional and experienced service provider. Experience is the most important thing. If you choose a service provider that lacks experience in such job, you may end up expensing money without getting satisfactory service. Experienced service providers commit solutions that will sustain for long time. They shall repair the gates with great care and precision. They are also poised with technology and knowledge to understand the real problem before conducting troubleshooting actions. This is why experience of the service provider is the most important factor for gate motor repairs Centurion.

Trustworthiness for Motor Replacement

Another important factor for choosing a motor repairing service is trustworthiness. A service provider, which possesses brilliant client retention and satisfaction record, is certainly trustworthy. For motor replacement, reliability is important as the service provider should provider good quality replaced motor. Many service providers make the clients fooled by giving poor quality or second hand motors. So, you have to be careful on this aspect. For repairing or replacing gate motor bracket, it is absolutely important to find a good service provider.

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Centurion D10

The Centurion D10 available at CMG – Gate Motors is one%20of the most advanced industrial sliding gate motors. It uses a battery-driven high-torque 24V DC motor and a robust gearbox for an access automation system, which is quick and powerful. High-end technology used to give ultimate protection to any industry.

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