The Advanced Centurion D10- The Best Sliding Gate Motor Of The Modern Era

The Centurion D10 is an advanced technology sliding gate motor and helps efficiently in gate lock. Every minute detail has been incorporated to make this D10 so that it functions in the most technical manner. The centurion D10 uses a batter – drive high torque 24V DC motor that is completely unique and different from any other in the market. This D10 has every feature that you can ever ask for. If improvements are required you can also contact the company.

The features

If you are looking for a sliding gate motor with high speed the D10 is the best choice you can get. The aluminum gearbox is the biggest asset of this gate motor. The D10 is so equipped that it can easily move a four meter gate in just 10 seconds which is quite incredible. It is also equipped with a 24V battery along with a rapid charger that ensures you can get in and out also in low voltage. There is no chance that your vehicle may get damaged by your gate because the D10 is so well advanced that it helps combat all the obstructions. The sensitivity feature will notify the motor if any tiniest of obstructions come your way gate lock . The intelligent automatic set up is another key feature that makes the motor so demanding and desirable in market.

Attractive and highly advanced gate motor

The sleek design along with the rugged structure of the motor makes it look very attractive. The modern armor has been design keeping with the pace of this generation. The conical shape of the motor looks extremely innovative and it means no more jamming. The motor is facilitated with multiple operating figures that makes it so advanced both technically, as well as in terms of appearance. This motor can also be used wirelessly. This is a special feature added to the technology of this advanced gate motor.


About Centurion Gate Motors

CMG - Gate Motors is committed to delivering the best security products and services. If you are looking for the best gate motors, gate locks and gate motor repairs in Centurion or Sandton, you may go for CMG - Gate Motors. Quality Centurion gate motors and gate motor repairs Sandton.
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